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The Medway Valley a Kent landscape transformed, Dr. Andrew Hann, Phillimore & Co., 2009.

Amanda wrote a piece on nineteenth century migration in Kent from rural to industrial communities for this book by English Heritage’s Dr. Andrew Hann.  Dr. Hann was succeeded at the Victoria County History by the current Kent Team Leader, Dr. Sandra Dunster who comments:

“The book is the first of two Victoria County History’s England’s Past for Everyone volumes for the Medway area and looks at the history of eight parishes on the Medway, exploring the changes brought by the coming of industry to the rural world.  The book is wide-ranging and informative, with chapters on farming and industry, landowners and industrialists, housing, communities and religion and the relationship between the Medway Valley and the wider world. Every chapter is highly illustrated with photographs, maps and prints, all of which help to bring the narrative to life.”